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What to expect...

During a medium reading, I allow Spirit to guide me and to direct whoever comes through.  There may be someone specific you’d like to hear from.  Sometimes the first to come through may not be from the one you want to hear from, or expected to hear from. Please be patient and allow them to come through to deliver whatever message they have.  In the event the loved one you want is not coming through, I will ask some simple questions so that I can focus on their energy.  If we are meeting in person, bring a small photo or a small personal object of the deceased.


The less I know before and during the reading the better, to allow Spirit to be the one to validate them. Please refrain from telling me the story of what is being validated during the reading. A simple response of "yes" or "not sure" lets me know to go on or clarify more. Besides, you want to use the time we have together to get as much information and connection as possible.   I may need to ask some questions to clarify what I am receiving so I can move on.  A simple reply is best.


If you have a question or are looking for guidance in a particular area of your life, I will tap into the energies of your Spirit Guides to give information that may assist you. Be open to whatever message that comes through. Bring a notepad, take notes. Before you share your reading with anyone, take a few moments to digest it for yourself. You will continue to receive guidance by tapping into your intuition, your inner guidance.  The best way to do this is to find time daily to meditate.


Join me at a gallery reading.   These are generally open to the public and a great way to experience how Spirit connects and how I convey the information I am receiving.  Maybe you are unsure if getting a reading is for you or you are curious about me and the process. You will have lots of human company, a well lit room, and nothing flying around. Spirit knows whom to come to so if you really don't want a reading, you just want to observe, let me know and I'll skip over you just in case your Aunt Mable comes calling.   After a short meditation to bring everyone to a peaceful, comfortable state, I begin to feel the energies and am pulled to an individual to conduct a short reading.  Although not everyone will receive a reading, all will experience the evidence that love never dies and our bond to our loved ones continues forever.


I do have a disclaimer:

Readings only show possible, not definite outcomes. My readings are for guidance only, to assist you on your life’s path. You have free will as do all others that come into your experience, and that may or may not affect future events and outcomes. Regarding any advice received during a reading, is ultimately your decision to choose whatever path you take.

Private Readings
Public Readings and Events
Private Group Readings

30 minute private reading         $75.00


Maximum 8 readings including host

Same as Appointments at your home under Private Readings.


6 to 10  Attending a Group Readings:

2 hours                                       $300.00

2.5 hours                                    $450.00



All together either around a table or in a living room setting.  Similar to a group style reading where Spirit will guide who gets a reading.  Susan will read for each in attendance


Clubhouse, office or private event

Same as group readings except more than 10, not everyone is guaranteed a reading.                                  $TBD

Join Susan at a special event or group reading open to the public.  


A group reading is generally 1.5 to 2 hours in length.  A quick question and answer and then Susan will be guided who to go to and make a connection to a departed love one.  These sessions are a great way for any one who is curious, maybe never experienced a medium reading before.  You'll be able to hear some remarkable connections with the audience.  Not everyone will receive a reading however every one will get the message that our loved ones are still connected and we have the ability to send our own messages.






 30 minute reading                           $75.00

 60 minute reading                         $150.00


Appointments at your home:

I will arrive up to 20 minutes early to energetically cleanse the space we will conduct the reading in.  Two chairs and a table are kindly appreciated in a quiet room.

Additional travel fee.


Over the phone:  Call 2 to 5 minutes prior to your appointed time.  Be sure you will be undisturbed for our appointed time.  One person only on the line, please.

Zoom calls:  A link will be sent before 9:00 am the morning of your session.  Please allow a few minutes for you to make the connection to zoom.



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