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Questions and Answers    Whether we are meeting in private, as a group, or at an event, observing or receiving a reading can be enlightening and healing.  Some may be hesitant.  Maybe you don't know what to expect.  Below are a few answers to questions you may have.  When we meet, ask me anything that is on your mind.  Being relaxed keeps the channels open and allows you to get the most out of your reading.


Q:  Is it scary?                                                                       

A:  I only allow Spirits with good intentions to come through.  Since I’ve been communicating with the Spirit world all my life, it feels natural, comforting, and safe to me.  Nothing like the scary movies or even the way some ghost hunters portray spirits.  I realize this is unknown to most and perhaps anything unknown can be scary.  I can assure you, that your loved ones simply want you to know that the bond of love keeps you connected.



Q:  Do weird things occur? 


A:  Well, I guess the whole idea of me connecting with Spirits who are usually strangers to me is a little weird.  Basically what occurs during a reading is that I initially allow whoever is ready to come through first.  It may not be the one you wanted to hear from, but be patient and allow the information to come through. Mentally I will ask some questions to validate who the Spirit is, how they are related to you, and request some validating information, all of which I will relay to you.   I will make every effort to connect to the one you want if they didn’t show up at first.  You may ask questions if you wish.


Q:  How can I prepare?

A:  The moment you make an appointment with me your loved ones are aware of your desire to connect with them through me.  Have an open mind, take notes and enjoy the experience.  Be open without restrictions, the less your expectations are, the better. Energy can be blocked by too stringent thinking.  Some information that comes through may not make sense at the time.  Write it down, it will probably make sense later, maybe while sharing it with someone who also knew the Spirit.  If we are meeting in person (vs. on the phone) bring a small photo and or a small possession (jewelry or an item they carried with them).  I can usually pick up on the energy of the person from these items and it helps to focus.  Photos should be presented face down or in an envelope, the less I know the better.  Which brings me to when we are setting our appointment, refrain from telling me who you want to hear from and the story behind them.  If I need validation from you or some information I will ask during our reading.



Q:  Can a reading over the phone be just as effective as having a reading in person? 

A:  Everything is energy, you, me, the phone, the phone connection and our loved ones in Spirit.  Same energy, just different forms, the way each vibrates (a little quantum physics).  Once I tune into your energy and your loved ones, information starts to come through.  My vibration rises and Spirits lower their vibration, we meet somewhere in between. Phone readings are convenient if the distance to meet in person is too much.  Just like we can connect to any human via the phone or computer, I can connect to Spirit and relay messages to you over the phone.


Q:  I don't think this is for real, is it?   


A:  I will tell you, when I was younger, I assumed everyone could connect to Spirit, people just weren’t talking about it.  I soon learn that that wasn’t the case.  It is my belief that we all come into this life knowing and accepting the connection.  Somewhere around 4 or 5 years old (sometimes later in life) we either decide to engage and continue our conversations to Spirit or we let it go.  Now that’s not to say that those who let go don’t have Spirits and Angels around them.  On the contrary, we all have Spirits, Guides and Angels with us every minute of every day.  We can choose to connect to them at any time.  We can journal, write letters (always pen to paper, connects the heart, mind and body vs. the keyboard), meditate (my favorite), simply talk to them assuming they can hear you (and they can), have a ritual; Light a candle, have a photo of them, some of their favorite things around, close your eyes and feel their presence.  You can request that they come to you in a dream (which is a visit, you’ll know the difference) or ask that they show you a sign like blinking the lights (they find it easy to come through electricity), send a bird, a coin, a feather, or a song.  So many ways, just have faith, relax, have patience and know they love you and want you to know they haven’t left…just a different form.  Or you can acquire the services of someone like me who can give you validations from your loved ones.


Q:  Do you only connect with the deceased?  What if I want to know about my future?

A:  I generally focus on connecting to loved ones in Spirit.  However, if you have a specific question I am able to connect to your Spirit Guides and ask them to answer any questions you have.  Know that any advise or life direction that comes through is simply guidance.  You ultimately choose your path.  Your experience can be altered at any given moment by people, places, and things that enter known or unknown.  Think for yourself and make a decision based on your inner knowing and common sense.  Free will is your right!

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