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Dedicated to connect you to your loved ones with integrity

“My mom came through and confirmed some questions I had.  A beautiful experience.  Kind, compassionate, great energy.”


“This was my first experience receiving a reading.  Susan was very good and explained the process well.  I would highly recomend Susan Reich.”

Leslie B.

“My mom came through and confirmed some questions I had.  A beautiful experience.  Kind, compassionate, great energy.”

Anita W.
About Susan


Lightning didn't strike me. I didn't come out of a coma, nor did I have a near-death experience awakening with unexplainable abilities. No, I simply always had a "knowing".


Ever since I could remember, I have sensed Spirits around me. My mother told me she would stand outside my bedroom and wonder who I was having a conversation with, laughing so much. That memory has faded but I do have many other memories all through my life of being guided, being able to ask questions and receive insight. As a child, I didn't have the language to talk to my family or friends about it. No one spoke of the other side, spirits, or guides.  No one else seemed to know angels personally, just on faith,  I was told they protect. Sure, we told ghost stories and played with the Ouija board but for me, that was different than my personal experience. What I sensed was deeper, more in alignment with my being. It was comforting, I felt protected.


Late teens into my 20's, more information surfaced.  Books on the subject were written. The metaphysical was being explained. Several others were telling their story of spirit communication. I remember seeing intuitives on TV, I began to read more, which led me to meditation, which allowed me to connect on a deeper level. I am blessed to have met wonderful teachers and mentors over the years to also teach and guide me and to give me the language I lacked in my childhood.


Over 30 years ago, I was asked by a friend if I could connect to her loved ones. I casually gave it a try and immediately information was given to me in the form of visual pictures in my mind (clairvoyance).  I could also hear some (clairaudience) and had a sense of their personality and other feelings (clairsentience). Then another friend and another requested a reading. Until then, I had only connected to my family who had crossed over as well as my personal Spirit Guides and Angels. More and more opportunities arose to make the connection to Spirits and their loved ones here on the Earth plane.

I studied with many well known teachers through the years and after studying for a year with a world renown teacher, a new "knowing" was awakened (claircognizance).   I’d always had a knowing but now it was different, stronger.  Shortly after, during a meditation, I was given a direction, "it's time".  It’s time for me to be of service to a greater audience.  And so, I began intuitive medium readings on a regular basis and since then, gratefully, I am in service full-time . I have had wonderful support from both my Spirit Guides and Human Guides. I am honored and grateful each and every day I can be of service and connect you all with your loved ones in Spirit.


Until we meet, may you enjoy peace,


Susan Reich







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Patti G. 

“I attended a gallery reading and was amazed at the information that came through for so many in attendance.  Remarkable.”


“Susan has an ability to connect with our loved ones. She connected to my mom with such clarity and told me things no one could have known.”

David A.

“Wow!  I just had a reading by Susan.  Filled with so much precise information, no denile that my dad came through.”

Christina K.

“Susan came to my home and read for

myself and 5 of my family.  I was amazed at the acuracy.  She brought through my dad's personallity and information no one knew about.  My family was delighted and thrilled to connect to our loved ones.”

Stacey L.
Jackie W.

“Susan came highly recommended by a friend of mine.  I was a little reluctant, never had a reading like this before.  I am now a convert!  I had an hour reading and wished for another hour.  It was like visiting with my mom and brother.  Beautiful experience."

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